• Software

  • Do you have a prototype or a beta?

    Yes, a beta version of our product will be used to do KYC checks on our buyers.

  • When will the product go live?

    At the latest on February 1st, 2019

  • What will the token be used for?

    The CLRS token will be the only way for a company to pay for our KYC service and any additional options. When we will launch our agent-based verification service (December 1st), agents worldwide will be paid in CLRS tokens, eliminating all the cross-borders friction other modes of payment are subject to.

  • How will CLRS use blockchain technology in the product?

    CLEARS service's data integrity and security is based on the foundation of the Ethereum blockchain. When a KYC is completed we create a hash representing all the user's data and we persist it inside the blockchain. This is to certify the data we knew at that specific date. Every day, we also store a hash representation of the complete CLEARS database to be able to prove, if requested, that our data has not been altered, modified or tampered with.

  • Is there a public roadmap?

    Yes, please see our roadmap on our website's homepage.